Products Model No Manual Datasheet Software
SIN-RD701 Guided wave radar level meter SIN-RD701
SIN-RD702 Guided wave radar level meter SIN-RD702
SIN-RD901 Radar level meter for corrosive liquid SIN-RD901
SIN-RD902S radar level meter for high temp and pressure application SIN-RD902S
SIN-RD902T 26GHz Radar level meter SIN-RD902T
SIN-RD903 Solid material radar level meter SIN-RD903
SIN-RD904 Solid material Radar level meter SIN-RD904
SIN-RD905 Solid material radar level meter SIN-RD905
SIN-RD906 26GHz Tank Radar level meter SIN-RD906
SIN-RD908 Radar level meter SIN-RD908
SIN-RD909 70 meters Radar level meter SIN-RD909
SIN-RD1000 80GHz Radar level meter SIN-RD1000
SIN-P260 Submersible level meter SIN-P260
SIN-P260-M2 Slurry level sensor submersible level transmitter SIN-P260-M2
SIN-P260-M3 Submersible level meter SIN-P260-M3
SIN-P260-M4 Submersible level and temperature meter SIN-P260-M4
SIN-P260-M5 Submersible level meter SIN-P260-M5
SIN-P260G High temp type submersible level meter SIN-P260G
SIN-PX261 Submersible level meter SIN-PX261
SIN-MP Ultrasonic level meter SIN-MP
SIN-ZP Ultrasonic level meter SIN-ZP
SIN-DFG Ultrasonic level meter SIN-DFG
SIN-MP-C Ultrasonic level transmitter SIN-MP-C
SIN-ZPM Ultrasonic level transmitter SIN-ZPM