SIN-TRC400 Residual chlorine meter

Measure range:

Residual chlorine: (0~5) mg/L

Temperature: (0.1~40.0)℃

Load Resistance: ≤750Ω

Power supply:  220VAC

Communication :MODBUS RS485

SIN-TRC400 Residual chlorine meter
SIN-TRC400 Residual chlorine meter SIN-TRC400 Residual chlorine meter SIN-TRC400 Residual chlorine meter SIN-TRC400 Residual chlorine meter
  • Introduction

A residual chlorine meter is a device used to measure the concentration of residual chlorine in water or wastewater. Residual chlorine refers to the amount of chlorine remaining in the water after chlorination, which is important to ensure that the water is safe for consumption or use.

Residual chlorine meters use various methods for measurement, including amperometric titration, colorimetry, and electrochemical sensors. These methods offer different advantages and are suitable for different applications, but all provide accurate and reliable measurements of residual chlorine concentration.

In addition to measuring residual chlorine, some advanced models of residual chlorine meters also include features such as automatic temperature compensation, automatic calibration, and data logging capabilities. These features help to improve the accuracy and reliability of the measurements, as well as provide a convenient and user-friendly experience for the operator.

The SIN-TRC400 residual chlorine meters are commonly used in water treatment plants, swimming pools, and other applications where residual chlorine levels need to be monitored for safety and regulatory compliance. A residual chlorine meter can help ensure that the water being used is safe and free from harmful contaminants, providing peace of mind for both operators and users.

  • Specification

SUP-TRC 400 Residual chlorine meter

  Product   Residual chlorine meter
  Model  SUP-TRC 400
  Measure range  Residual chlorine: (0~5) mg/L  Temperature: (0.1~40.0)℃
  Display  7 inch touch screen
  Protective box size  Dimensions: 400mm×300mm×200mm  Window size: 155mm×87mm
  Transmit output  (4~20) mA (optional)
  Load resistance  ≤750Ω
  Communication  RS485, Modbus
  Environmental humidity  ≤95% no condensate
  Power supply  220VAC
  Ingress protection  IP43


  •  SUP-ERC 400 Residual chlorine sensor
  Measurement content  HCLO, CLO2
  Measuring system  Microelectronics MEMS technology, special membrane structure
  Measure range  (0~5)mg/L
  Accuracy  When ≤0.1mg/L, the absolute error is ±0.01mg/L; When ≥0.1mg/L, ±5% of the measured value or ±0.02mg/L (whichever is greater)
  Resolution  0.01
  Polarization time  When using for the first time, first pass water for 2 hours in chlorinated water, and then power on for half an hour.
  Response time  Less than 30s after polarization is completed
  Minimum conductivity  ≥100 us/cm, can not be used for ultrapure water
  Operating temperature  (0~40)℃ (non-condensing)
  Temperature compensation  Pt1000 with built-in integrated automatic compensation
  Max pressure  4bar
  Recommended flow rate  ≥0.03m/s in flow cell
  pH range  (5~9) pH, below 5 will damage the membrane head
  Maximum chlorine concentration  ≥5ppm
  Power supply  Standard 24V DC±2V; optional 12V DC±2V
  Power consumption  1.56W
  Digital communication  MODBUS RS485
  Cable length  Standard 3 meters, others can be customized
  Probe weight  210g
  Thread size  NPT 3/4
  Connection method  5-pin waterproof aviation plug
  Moisture-proof material  PVC and Viton® O-ring seals

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