Industry predecessors Zhou Ping visited Sinomeasure

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January 4, 2018, Mr. Zhou, an Industry predecessors, visited Sinomeasure.

As Zhejiang University of Science and Technology School of Automation and Electrical Engineering Department of Automation, teacher Zhou apricot altar dozens of hard work for the community trained a lot of pillars of talent, but also for the company recommended many outstanding backbone. As the former director of the automation department of Zhejiang University of Science and Technology, Mr. Zhou worked as a teacher for several decades and cultivated many talents for the society. He also recommended many outstanding talents for the company.

Mr. Zhou have been retired for many years and was still concerned about the students. During this visit, Mr. Zhou mainly introduced the development history of Zhejiang University's chemical automation major for colleagues in the company and expressed his expectations for the younger generation combined with future development. After listening to the speech of Mr. Zhou, everyone deeply realized the bright future of automation industry. In the future, we will keep up with the pace of the times and strive to create better products and provide better services to our customers.