Sinomeasure attending in Miconex 2019

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The 30th International Fair for Measurement, Instrumentation and Automation

The Miconex is the leading show in the field of instrumentation, automation, measurement and control technology in China and an important event in the world. Professionals and decisionmakers of meet and combine their knowledge about latest technolgies and innovations.

The 30th, Miconex 2019 ("International conference and fair for measurement instrumentation and automation") will takes place on 3 days from Mon., 25.11.2019 to Wed., 27.11.2019 in Beijing.

Sinomeasure attending in Miconex 2019

This year, Sinomeausre exhibited newly developed pH controller, EC controller, dissolved oxygen meter and online turbidity meter on the stage of the Miconex and stand out on Miconex with quality products and attentive service.


MICONEX 2019 in Beijing

Time: 25th-27th November 

Location: Beijing national convention center

Booth: A252

 Looking forward to your visit!