SIN-TDS210-B conductivity meter

Range: 0.01 electrode: 0.02~20.00us/cm

0.1 electrode: 0.2~200.0us/cm

1.0 electrode: 2~2000us/cm

10.0 electrode: 0.02~20ms/cm

Output signal: 4~20mA; Relay; RS485

Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

SIN-TDS210-B conductivity meter
SIN-TDS210-B conductivity meter SIN-TDS210-B conductivity meter SIN-TDS210-B conductivity meter SIN-TDS210-B conductivity meter SIN-TDS210-B conductivity meter


The SIN-TDS210-B digital conductivity meter is an electrical device used to measure the electrical conductivity or resistance of a liquid. It works by applying a voltage between two electrodes in the liquid and measuring the flow of current between them. The results of the measurement are displayed in digital form on a readout. Digital conductivity meters are used in a variety of industries, including water treatment, agriculture, and chemical research. They can be used to measure the concentration of minerals in water, the purity of a liquid, and the level of contamination.


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Measuring Range 0.01 electrodes: 0.02 to 20.00 us/cm
0.1 electrodes: 0.2 to 200.0 us/cm
1.0 electrodes: 2-2000 us/cm
10.0 electrodes: 20 to 20000 us/cm
Accuracy ±2%FS
Stability ±1%FS/24H
Temperature Compensation range: -10~130℃. NTC10K
Compensation PT1000, accuracy: ±0.5℃
display 2.8 inch LCD display
Relay out 2 relays out, capacity: 250VAC,3A
Signal output 4-20mA output, RS485 communication, compatible
  with standard MODBUS-RTU
Power supply AC220±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions 100*100*150mm(H*W*D)
Hole Size 92.5*92.5mm



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Constant 10.00cm-1 1.000cm-1 0.100cm-1 0.010cm-1
Measure range (0.2-20) (2.0-2000) (0.2-200) (0.02-20.00)
  ms/cm μs/cm μs/cm MΩ·cm
Application Sewage Drinking water Pure water
Measurement Parameters Measure Rnage Resolution Accuracy
Conductivity 0.50μs/cm-20.00ms/cm 0.01μs/cm 1.50%
Resistivity 0.05MΩ·cm-18.25MΩ·cm 0.01MΩ·cm 2.00%
TDS 0.25ppm-10.00ppt 0.01ppm 1.50%
Temperature (0-50)℃ 0.1℃ 0.1℃

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