SIN-TDS7001 Conductivity sensor

Range: 0.01 electrode: 0.01~20us/cm
            0.1 electrode: 0.1~200us/cm

Resolution: ±1%FS

Thread: G3/4

Pressure: 5 bar

SIN-TDS7001 Conductivity sensor
SIN-TDS7001 Conductivity sensor SIN-TDS7001 Conductivity sensor SIN-TDS7001 Conductivity sensor
  • Introduction

Conductivity sensors are devices that measure the electrical conductivity of a solution or liquid. They are used to measure the salinity of water, the concentration of ions or chemicals in a solution, or in industrial processes such as water treatment or quality control. The sensors typically consist of two electrodes that measure the conductivity of the liquid, usually by transmitting an electrical current. The accuracy of the readings can be affected by the temperature of the solution, so temperature compensating features are often incorporated in the sensors. In certain applications, such as in the pharmaceutical industry, sterile sensors might be required.

  • Specification

  Product   TDS sensor, EC sensor, Resistivity sensor
  Model  SIN-TDS-7001
  Measure range  0.01 electrode: 0.01~20us/cm
 0.1 electrode: 0.1~200us/cm
 1.0 electrode: 1~2000us/cm
 Accuracy  ±1%FS
  Thread  G3/4
  Pressure  5 bar
  Material  stainless steel (SS304/ SS316)
  Temp compensation  NTC10K (PT1000,  PT100, NTC2.252K optional) 
  Temperature range  0-50℃
  Temperature accuracy  ±3℃
  Ingress protection  IP68

SIN-TDS-7001 online conductivity/resistivity sensor, an intelligent online chemical analyzer, is widely applied for continuous monitoring and measurement of EC value or TDS value or Resistivity value and temperature in the solution in the industry of thermal power, chemical fertilizer, environmental protection, metallurgy, pharmacy, biochemistry, food and water, etc. 

  • Description

  1. A variety of intelligent equipment matching.

  2. Intelligent temperature compensation design: Instrument integrated automatic, manual dual temperature compensation mode Support NTC10K temperature compensation components, suitable for a variety of measurement occasions, temperature compensation type a key adjustable.

  3. A variety of functions in one: conductivity/ EC/ TDS measurement capabilities to achieve two in one, cost-effective integrated design to support the boiler water, RO water treatment, sewage treatment, pharmaceutical industry and other liquid measurement and monitoring.


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