SIN-pH-5014 pH sensor

Zero potential point: 7 ± 0.5 pH

Conversion coefficient: > 98%

Installation size:  PG13.5

Pressure: up to 6 Bar at 25 ℃

Temperature: 0 ~ 130℃

SIN-pH-5014 pH sensor

The SIN-PH-5014 pH sensor (pH electrode) consists of a pressure-resistant hemispherical pH-sensitive membrane, an intermediate dielectric composed of complex gum GMT, an Ag/AgCL/KCL external reference system, and an OPEN liquid junction without salt bridge, which is widely used in pure water and high purity water as well as complex chemical processes.


Product parameter


· Measurement range: 0 to 14 pH

· Temperature: 0 to 130 ℃

· Pressure: 0.4MPa

· Temperature compensation: NTC10K/PT100/PT1000

· Hydrofluoric acid concentration range: ≤4000ppm

· Conversion coefficient: > 98%

· Membrane resistance: <250ΜΩ

· Connector: VP,S8M,K2, etc.


Typical applications


· Microbial technology

· Pharmaceuticals

· Food and beverages

· Chlor-alkali

· Mining and smelting


Product highlights


· Water with less impurities

· PH value between 6-7 ph

· The temperature between 0-130℃


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