SIN-pH-5100 pH sensor

SIN-pH-5100 pH sensor


The PH-5100 sensor is composed of pressure- resistant hemispherical PH sensitive film, intermediate dielectric composed of GMT mixed with glue, Ag/AgCL/KCL external reference system, and salt-free bridge open liquid interface.Widely used in pure water and high purity water and complex chemical processes.


Product parameter


· Measurement range: 0 to 14 pH

· Temperature: 0 to 130 ℃

· Pressure: 0.4MPa

· Reference: Ag/AgCl

· Connector: VP,S8M,K2, etc.

· Conversion coefficient: > 98%

· Membrane resistance: <250ΜΩ

· Practical response time: < 1 min

· Salt bridge: OPEN aneroid junction salt bridge


Typical applications


· Microbial technology

· Pharmaceuticals

· Food and beverages

· Chlor-alkali

· Mining and smelting


Product highlights


· An aggressive liquid such as strong acid and alkali

· Corrosive liquid

· The temperature between 0-130℃

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