SIN-RD909 70 meters Radar level meter

Range: 0~70 m
Accuracy: ±10mm 
Application:  Rivers, Lakes, Shoal
Frequency Range: 26GHz
SIN-RD909 70 meters Radar level meter
SIN-RD909 70 meters Radar level meter SIN-RD909 70 meters Radar level meter SIN-RD909 70 meters Radar level meter SIN-RD909 70 meters Radar level meter
  • Introduction

SIN-RD909 Radar level meter adopts a recommended industry emission frequency of 26GHz. The measurement range of up to 70 meters, covering a large reservoir water level measurement.


A radar-type level transmitter is a non-contact device used to measure the level of liquids and solids in a container or pipeline. It uses radar technology to provide accurate and reliable measurements by sending out high-frequency electromagnetic waves, which bounce off the surface of the material being measured and return to the transmitter. The time taken for the waves to return provides an accurate measure of the distance from the transmitter to the material's surface.

The radar-type level transmitter can measure not only the distance to the surface, but also the level, volume, and mass of the material being measured. This makes it a versatile tool in a range of industries, including manufacturing, petrochemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Some radar-type level transmitters can even measure through obstructions, such as foam or vapor, making them suitable for challenging applications. With reliable and accurate radar-type level transmitters, industries can optimize their operations, reduce costs, and improve safety in their processes.


  • Specification 

 Product  Radar level meter
 Model SIN-RD909
 Measure range 0-70 meters
 Application Rivers, Lakes, Shoal
 Process Connection Thread G1½ A"/frame /flange
 Medium Temperature -40℃~100℃
 Process Pressure    Normal pressure
 Accuracy ±20mm 
 Protection Grade IP67 / IP65
 Frequency Range 26GHz
 Signal Output 4-20mA (Two-wire/Four)
 Power supply DC(6~24V)/ Four-wire
DC 24V / Two-wire


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