WSR300 60G radar level transmitter

Measure range:0.1m~30m

Transmission frequency:60GHz~64GHz

Blind zone:≤0.10m


WSR300 60G radar level transmitter
WSR300 60G radar level transmitter WSR300 60G radar level transmitter WSR300 60G radar level transmitter WSR300 60G radar level transmitter


This radar level transmitter is a frequency modulated continuous wave (FMCW) radar product working at (60~64) GHz, which can conduct non-contact continuous measurement of the height of liquid in closed or open containers in transmitter has a long detection distance and low beam energy, and can be installed in various metal and non-metal containers or pipelines. The radar level gauge has no harm to the human body and the environment, and has the advantages of not being affected by the specific gravity of the medium, not being affected by the change of the dielectric constant, and not requiring on-site calibration.


  • Using 60GHz FMCW technology, high resolution and stable detection performance
  • 4GHz working bandwidth, higher measurement resolution and measurement accuracy
  • The narrowest antenna beam angle is 6°, which makes the installation more convenient
  • Integrated lens design, compact size
  • Display controller and liquid level gauge adopt separate design, which can be customized


 Product  Radar level meter
 Model WSR300
 Measure range 0.1m~30m
Modulation waveform FMCW
Transmission frequency 60GHz~64GHz
Blind zone ≤0.10m
Beam angle ±6°
Accuracy ±3mm
Resolution ±1mm
Response time 500ms
Ingress protection IP67
Communication output RS485
Power supply (9~36) VDC
Power consumption ≤1W
Cable 7*0.3mm²
Dielectric constant ≥1.5
Process pressure (-0.1~0.6) MPa
Process temperature (-40~85)℃

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