SIN-PTU200 Turbidity meter

Range: 0.01-100 NTU 、0.01-4000 NTU

Resolution: Less than ± 2% of the measured value

Pressure range: ≤0.4MPa

Power supply: AC220V±10%; 50Hz/60Hz

SIN-PTU200 Turbidity meter
SIN-PTU200 Turbidity meter SIN-PTU200 Turbidity meter SIN-PTU200 Turbidity meter


The SIN-PTU200 online turbidity meter is a device used for continuous monitoring of turbidity levels in liquids. It is designed to provide accurate and reliable measurements of cloudiness or turbidity levels in real-time. The meter is installed directly into the pipeline or tank of the liquid being monitored, allowing it to measure turbidity levels directly within the flow. The meter works by shining a light through the liquid and measuring the amount of light that is scattered or absorbed by any particles in the solution. The more particles present, the higher the turbidity level.

The online turbidity meter can be calibrated to measure turbidity levels over a wide range and can be integrated into automated monitoring systems for continuous data collection. With accurate and reliable online turbidity meters, industries can ensure the consistency and quality of their products, and maintain regulatory compliance.


 Product  Turbidity meter
  Model SIN-PTU200
 Display 128 * 64 dot matrix LCD with LED backlight,  which can be operated under the direct sunlight
 Power supply AC:85~500V, 50Hz/60Hz; DC: 9~36VDC
 Output Three-way analog output 4-20mA, 
  Note: the maximum load is 500 ohms
 Relay Three-way relay can be set up
MODBUS RS485 communication function, which can transmit real-time measurements
 Warranty period 1 year
 Material of 
 outside shell
Lower casing: Aluminum with powder covering
cover: PA66+GF25+FR
 Storage temperature -20~70℃
 Operation temperature -15~60℃
 Ingress protection IP65/NEMA4X
 Size 145*125*162mm  L*W*H
 Weight 1.35KG


  • Application

turbidity meter

turbidity meter

SIN-PTU200 Turbidity Analyzer based on the infrared absorption scattered light method and combined with the application of ISO7027 method, can guarantee the continuous and accurate detection of turbidity. Based on ISO7027, infrared double scattering light technology will not be affected by chroma for the measurement of turbidity value.

turbidity meter

According to the usage environment, self-cleaning function can be equipped with. It assures the stability of data and reliability of performance; with the built-in self-diagnosis function, it can make sure the accurate data be delivered; besides, the installation and calibration is quite simple.

  • Description

industrial turbidity meter

turbidity meter

turbidity meter

turbidity meter


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