SIN-PTU8011 Turbidity Sensor

Range: 0.01-100 NTU 、0.01-4000 NTU

Resolution: Less than ± 2% of the measured value

Pressure range: ≤0.4MPa

Environment temp: 0~45℃

SIN-PTU8011 Turbidity Sensor
SIN-PTU8011 Turbidity Sensor SIN-PTU8011 Turbidity Sensor SIN-PTU8011 Turbidity Sensor SIN-PTU8011 Turbidity Sensor
  • Introduction

A turbidity sensor is a device used to measure the level of cloudiness or turbidity in a liquid. This can be a valuable tool in many industries, including water treatment, manufacturing, and environmental monitoring. The sensor works by shining a light through the liquid and measuring the amount of light that is scattered or absorbed by any particles in the solution.

The more particles present, the higher the turbidity level. The sensor can be calibrated to measure turbidity levels over a wide range, and can be integrated into automated monitoring systems for real-time data collection. With accurate and reliable turbidity sensors, industries can ensure the quality of their products and maintain regulatory compliance.

  • Specification

 Product  Turbidity sensor
 Measure range 0.01-100 NTU , 0.01-4000 NTU
 Indication  resolution Less than ± 2% of the measured value,
or ± 0.1 NTU Maximax criterion
 Pressure range ≤0.4MPa
 Flow velocity ≤2.5m/s, 8.2ft/s
 Environment temp 0~45℃
 Calibration Sample Calibration, Slope Calibration
 Cable length Standard 10-Meter Cable, Max Length: 100 Meters
 High voltage baffle Aviation Connector, Cable Connector
 Main materials Main Body:SUS316L (Ordinary Version),
Titanium Alloy (Seawater Version)
Upper and Lower Cover: PVC; Cable: PVC
 Ingress protection IP68
 Weight 1.65 KG

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