SIN-LZ Metal Tube Rotameter

Ingress protection: IP65
Range ratio: Standard: 10:1
Pressure: Standard: DN15~DN50≤4.0MPa, DN80~DN400≤1.6MPa
Connection: Flange, Clamp, Thread

Metal Tube Rotameter
Metal Tube Rotameter Rotameter variable area flowmeter Metal Tube Rotameter
Range Water (20℃) (01~150000) L/h Air (20℃.1013MPa) (0.05~3000) m³/h
Range ratio Standard 10:1       Optional 20:1
Accuracy Standard: 1.5%     Optional:1%       
Pressure Standard: DN15~DN50≤4.0MPa DN80~DN200≤1.6MPa
Optional: DN15~DN50≤32MPa DN80~DN200≤16MPa
Connection Flange, Clamp, Thread, Sanity thread
Medium temp Standard: -30℃~120℃ PTFE ≤80℃
High temp: 120℃~350℃ low temp: -80℃~-20℃
Environment temp Remote type: -40℃~85℃
Pointer type/local alarm type -40℃~100℃
Power supply Standard type: 24VDC two-wire system (4-20) mA (12VDC~32VDC)
Alarm type: 24VDC multi-wire system (4-20) mA (12VDC~32VDC)
AC type: (100~240) VAC 50Hz~60Hz
Battery type: 3.6V@9AH lithium battery
Load resistance RL max: 600Ω
Alarm Output Upper and lower limit instantaneous flow alarm
Local alarm type: upper limit, lower limit or upper and lower limit instantaneous flow alarm (Contact capacity 1A@30VDC)
Upper limit and lower limit alarm hold range is a maximum of 60% of range, and the minimum interval between upper and lower limit alarms is 10% of range
Pulse output Internal 24VDC power supply, maximum current 8mA
Ingress protection IP65

Metal Tube Rotameter

variable area flowmeter

Supmea variable area flow meter

rotameter supplier

Supmea rotameter supplier

rotameter structure

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