SIN-LUGB Vortex flowmeter with temp & pressure compensation

Pipe diameter: DN10-DN300

Accuracy: 1.0%  1.5%

Range Ratio:  1:8

Ingress protection: IP65

vortex flowmeter with temp and pressure compensation
vortex flowmeter with temp and pressure compensation flowmeter for gas air flowmeter vortex flowmeter sensor
 Product  Vortex flow meter
 Model  SIN-LUGB
 Wafer connection  DN15-DN300(priority PN2.5MPa)
 Flange connection  DN15-DN50(priority PN2.5MPa)
   DN65-DN200(priority PN1.6MPa)
   DN250-DN300(priority PN1.0MPa)
 Accuracy  1.0%  1.5% 
 Range Ratio  1:8
 Medium Temperature  -40℃~+150℃, -40℃~+260℃,-40℃~+300℃
 Power Supply  24VDC Li battery(3.6VDC)
 Output signal  4-20mA or frequency
 Interface  RS485,HART
 Body Materials  Stainless steel
 Ingress protection  IP65
 Display Language  English,Chinese
  • Introduction

The SIN-LUGB Vortex flow meter works on the principle of generated vortex and relation between vortex and flow by the theory of Karman and Strouhal to measure the flow. With temperature and pressure compensation, it is suitable for the detection of gas flows in different environments, such as steam and compressed air and other gas.

A vortex steam flow meter is a device used to measure the steam flow rate in steam systems. It uses the vortices that are generated when steam flows through a metering orifice, which is then detected by a pair of sensors placed downstream. By measuring the frequency of these vortices, the flow rate of the steam can be accurately determined. Vortex steam flow meters have several advantages over other flow meters, including being more resistant to vibration and having a wider range of operating temperatures. They are used in many industries, such as power generation, food and beverage, and chemical processing, to accurately measure steam flow rates in pipelines.

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steam flow meter suppliers

Supmea vortex air flow meter

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Supmea vortex shedding flow meter

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