Sinomeasure cooperates with Wuyang Honda

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 When it comes to motorcycles, you must have heard its name - Wuyang Honda. This well-known leading motorcycle company is famous for its excellent quality, leading technology and innovative design. It not only has a high market share in the domestic market, but also is popular among consumers in Southeast Asia.

Paint spraying is one of the important links that affect the appearance quality of motorcycles. In order to ensure the accuracy and stability of painting parameters, accurate real-time monitoring and control of various parameters must be carried out.

For this reason, Wuyang Honda introduced Sinomeasure paperless recorder in the production line, which is used for real-time monitoring of motorcycle shell painting parameters.


As an industrial-grade high-precision paperless recorder, Sinomeasure paperless recorder has the characteristics of high precision, high reliability and high stability, and can comprehensively monitor spray painting parameters, including spray paint thickness, drying time, temperature, humidity, etc. Various aspects ensure the stability of the production process and ensure product quality efficiently.

Recently, technicians from Sinomeasure South China Service Center rushed to the customer site for technical exchanges, and were highly praised by customers. "Since the installation and use of the equipment, it has been running stably for many years, and the data display is accurate. The product is high-quality, the service is considerate, and I like it." .

Sinomeasure focuses on process automation solutions and is committed to solving the automation pain points and difficulties encountered in the development of enterprises for users in various industries. Customers include Huawei, BYD, Yamaha, Haojue Suzuki, etc. Sinomeasure looks forward to working with more partners to help more companies improve automation, improve quality, reduce costs and increase efficiency, and achieve high-quality development