Sinomeasure cooperated with Hanlan Environment

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In view of the characteristics of reduction, harmlessness, and resource utilization, waste incineration power generation technology has become the mainstream of domestic waste treatment. However, how to maximize the resource utilization of landfill leachate, domestic sewage, cooling tower sewage, wet deacidification wastewater, etc. generated during solid waste treatment has become the focus and difficulty of ecological and environmental protection work in various places.

A few days ago, Sinomeasure cooperated with Hanlan Environment to provide its subsidiary Hanlan (Pinghe) Solid Waste Treatment Co., Ltd. with process automation solutions covering flow meters, liquid analysis meters, pressure transmitters,level meters, temperature transmitter, etc., to ensure stable and efficient operation of the whole process of wastewater treatment.

Hanlan Environment, focusing on the environmental service industry, covers solid waste treatment, energy, water supply, drainage, etc., and is one of the top ten environmental companies in China (ranked 7th in 2022) and one of the top ten waste incineration power generation companies in China for nine consecutive years It was rated as one of the top ten influential enterprises in solid waste treatment in China.

In the project, instrument series such as Sinomeasure pH meters, pressure transmitters, electromagnetic flowmeters, and submersible level meters are used in the whole process of sewage treatment. After the on-site training and guidance of professional after-sales engineers, all installations have been completed, safe and stable running.

With the increasingly stringent national environmental protection supervision and the continuous improvement of emission standards in various industries, in order to fully meet the needs of customers for standard upgrading and process improvement, Sinomeasure continues to optimize and improve process automation solutions, solve the problem of automatic monitoring of pollution treatment, and meet the needs of green development.