Watch out the security risks around you!

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To further enhance the safety awareness of staff . On May 8th, 2018, Supmea Automation's staff committee carefully organized a lecture on the theme “safety”, they invited the police officers of the Baiyang police station to improve everyone’s knowledge on safety.


The police officer Mr Tang analyzed the characteristics of the various scams and deceptions. He helped employees to learn some lessons and establish a defense line to prevent fraud.

At the same time, considering that 2018 interns will soon face the problem of renting, the company again raised wages and rental subsidies, and asked the police officer to help to explain the security of rent housing.


During the course of the lecture, the employees realized the importance of pay attention to safety in work and life. Everyone expressed that it was helpful and in the future, they will pay more attention to how to effectively prevent various types of security problems, so as to prevent them from happening.

Supmea always regards the safety of employees and company as an extremely important issue in corporate management and regularly conducts safety lectures to eliminate potential safety hazards.