WSR200 80G Radar level meter

WSR200 80G Radar level meter
WSR200 80G Radar level meter WSR200 80G Radar level meter WSR200 80G Radar level meter WSR200 80G Radar level meter WSR200 80G Radar level meter


  • Radar level transmitter can perform non-contact continuous measurement of the height of liquids in closed or open containers in industrial production processes.
    The radar level transmitter has a long detection distance and low beam energy, and can be installed in various metal and non-metal containers or pipelines. It is suitable for occasions where dust, water mist, inert gas and steam exist. The radar level transmitter has no harm to the human body and the environment, and has the advantages of not being affected by the specific gravity of the medium, not being affected by the change of the dielectric constant, and not requiring on-site calibration.
  • Radar level measurement is a highly reliable and accurate method for measuring the level of liquids or solids in a variety of industrial applications. This technology utilizes electromagnetic waves to determine the distance between the radar sensor and the surface of the material being measured. 

  • One of the key advantages of radar level measurement is its ability to provide accurate measurements even in harsh environments where other methods may fail. This includes applications where there are extreme temperatures, pressures, or levels of dust or vapors. Additionally, radar level measurement is not affected by the properties of the material being measured, making it suitable for use with a wide range of liquids and solids.

  • Another benefit of radar level measurement is its ability to provide continuous, real-time monitoring of material levels. This allows for more efficient and precise control of industrial processes, reducing waste and improving overall productivity. Additionally, radar level measurement can be integrated with other process control systems, providing a comprehensive solution for industrial monitoring and control.

  • When selecting a radar level measurement system, it is important to consider factors such as the frequency of the electromagnetic waves used, the size and shape of the sensor, and the range of the measurement. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the system is properly calibrated and installed for accurate and reliable measurements.

 Product  Radar level meter
 Model WSR200
 Measure range 8m / 15m
Modulation waveform FMCW
Transmission frequency 79GHz~81GHz
Blind zone ≤0.15m
Antenna Angle ±3°
Accuracy ±5mm
Repeatability ±2mm
Refresh rate ≥500ms
Ingress protection IP67
Transmission output (4~20) mA
Communication output RS485
Power supply (9~36) VDC
Working current ≤80mA, 24VDC
Power consumption ≤1.9W
Dielectric constant ≥3
Process pressure (-0.1~0.3) MPa
Process temperature (-40~85)℃

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