The 30% of Sinomeasure employee's are already internal auditors

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Quality is the life of a company and the foundation of its sustainable development. In order to improve the quality awareness of staffs, strengthen internal quality control, and further improvement of customers' satisfaction, Sinomeasure recently organized a unique "cloud" training for internal auditors of quality management system.

This is the first time for the company to conduct internal auditor training online. More than 60 people from the headquarters and subsidiaries actively participated in the training. 97% of the participants successfully passed the internal auditor qualification examination and obtained the internal auditor qualification certificate.

"In this training, all of us overcome the negative impact of the epidemic on learning and communication. In the face of unimaginative standard terms, we studied hard and actively interacted with each other.

The training effect exceeded our expectations."Jiang Shuo, quality director.At present, 78 employees have obtained the qualification of internal auditors, accounting for one third of the total employees.

Internal auditor description

Internal auditor for quality management system, usually a person who is both proficient in ISO9001 international standards and familiar with the situation of the company.

This training specially invited national registered senior auditor Jiang Chenggang to provide lecture, which is focusing on ISO9001:2015 quality management system standards and audit skills, comprehensively and deeply explained all contents of the quality management system, and helped internal auditors to implement the benefit of system standards.

This training has achieved excellent results, and participants have expressed that they will flexibly apply what they have learned to various quality management activities of the company in the future, to promote the quality management level of the company to a higher level.

As a quality personnel working in the front line of quality testing, I have learned some in ISO9001 systems recently but my understanding and knowledge is limited. Through this training, I had a more comprehensive and systematic understanding of the requirements of quality management, which provided me with new inspirations on how to work better about product quality control. In the future, I will continue to find solutions to help my colleagues to rectify and make progress together.

Personally, I learned very well from this internal audit training and gained a deeper understanding of 9001 process management. meanwhile, I also realized that manufacturing is not easy. In order to ensure the consistency of products, every link of production is strictly recorded, and every process must be carried out in strict accordance with the set operation specifications  Although the workload increased a lot, the production process went smoothly and the product quality was highly improved. Reliable and exceptional products, is really responsible for the customers.

The implementation of internal auditor training comprehensively promoted the construction of the quality management system and laid a basis for the effective operation of the system. Next, the company will continue to improve its quality management and risk control capability through quarterly internal audit, so as to truly realize the company's total quality management and provide customers with high-quality products and services with high standards and strict requirements.