Lithium battery industry solutions

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In recent years, the lithium battery industry has ushered in a period of rapid development, benefiting from multiple positive factors such as the national environmental protection policy, the outbreak of demand for new energy vehicles, and the guidance of carbon neutrality goals.

The market prospect is certainly worth looking forward to, but after about 30 years of development, the market of the lithium battery industry is still immature, and the shortcomings faced by some industries need to be filled urgently, such as lithium battery standardization, battery safety, process monitoring, ecological environmental protection, etc.

In particular, a series of problems in process automation have become the main constraints for the orderly expansion of production capacity and the improvement of quality and efficiency of lithium battery enterprises. In order to better assist lithium battery-related manufacturers, Sinomeasure has been working hard.

The production process of lithium batteries is relatively complicated. The main production process covers the stirring and coating stage of electrode production, the winding liquid injection stage of cell synthesis, and the packaging and testing stage of chemical formation and packaging.

The stability of the whole process process is of great significance to the capacity, consistency, safety and other aspects of lithium batteries, and the stability of the whole process process undoubtedly puts forward higher requirements for process automation measurement and control .

As a supplier of process automation solutions, based on the huge customer base in lithium batteries and many engineering project practice cases, Sinomeasure proposes a one-stop solution for the high standards and strict requirements of the lithium battery industry, including temperature, pressure, flow, Analysis, liquid level, display control and other series of instruments escort the production process of lithium battery enterprises!


Process link/equipment: Automatic liquid injection machine

Application products:Paperless recorder

Process link/equipment: Slurry mixing process/roller press, winding machine, etc.
Application products: Paperless recorder, temperature sensor

Process link/equipment: PACK lithium battery cell set
Application products: Paperless recorder

Process links/equipment: Cell injection, lithium battery formation/capacity detection
Application products: Paperless recorder, electromagnetic flowmeter, pressure transmitter

Process link/equipment: Lithium battery water treatment system/slurry mixing
Application products: Electromagnetic flowmeter, pH meter