Medical sewage treatment

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Medical sewage contains a large number of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and chemical agents, and has the characteristics of space pollution, acute infection and latent infection. Without effective treatment, it will seriously pollute the environment and become an important way of spreading together.

Therefore, strengthening the management of medical sewage, reducing the risk of sewage pollution, and effectively monitoring wastewater is the meaning of the normal operation of the hospital and the protection of the ecological environment, and has become one of the key tasks that cannot be ignored by major medical institutions.

How to ensure the effective operation of the whole process of medical sewage treatment process? This is the biggest problem facing hospital water treatment. For example, whether the water quality after purification and disinfection meets the standard, the flow rate of sewage discharge, and the amount of waste water stock are all issues that hospital water treatment has to pay attention to.

In response to the actual needs of medical water treatment, combined with the rich project experience accumulated in the medical industry for more than ten years, Sinomeasure provides process automation solutions for the entire process of hospital water treatment, covering temperature, pressure, flow, level, analysis, display and control, etc. , to solve the pain points of incomplete, inaccurate, and undetectable sewage treatment process in hospitals.

Recently, Sinomeasure has formulated and implemented a customized sewage treatment solution for the hospital. Through joint testing of electromagnetic flowmeters, liquid level gauges, water quality analysis and other instruments, the entire process of water treatment in the hospital is effectively monitored and monitored to ensure that all The indicators are stable.

The project site▲

In order to ensure the installation and stable operation of the equipment, Sinomeasure senior engineers went to the site to provide professional guidance and post-maintenance training. At present, all equipment is in stable operation and has been highly recognized and evaluated by users.

Improve the medical sewage treatment capacity, make up for the weak links in the development of the medical industry, and work hard to protect the health of the people. Sinomeasure looks forward to working with more partners to solve problems for hospitals and other medical institutions and contribute to the sustainable development of the medical industry