Sinomeasure Assists the Water Conservancy Construction of Dongting Lake

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Dongting Lake is located in the northern part of Hunan Province in China, south of the Jingjiang section of the Yangtze River. It is the third largest lake in China. The lake area is second only to Qinghai Lake and Poyang Lake, and it is also the second largest freshwater lake in China. Dongting Lake is an important regulation and storage lake in the Yangtze River Basin. It has a strong flood storage capacity. It has saved countless floods in the Yangtze River, and enabled the Jianghan Plain and the three towns of Wuhan to safely cross the flood season.

Recently, Sinomeasure radar level transmitter and paperless recorder were applied to the Dongting Lake intelligent pumping station demonstration project to monitor the water level changes in Dongting Lake in real time and escort for the flood control project. This is an another typical application of Sinomeasure radar level transmitter in flood control projects after Poyang Lake.