Sinomeasure participated in this subway with an investment of over 25.6 billion yuan

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Rail transit is the "lifeline" of urban operation, especially the safety of subway operation, which is related to the personal safety of citizens and passengers and social stability. Following the subway projects in Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shaoxing and other cities, Supmea "advanced" into Tianjin to escort the first phase of Tianjin Metro Line 11.

Schematic diagram of the first phase of Tianjin Metro Line 11 Project▲

The first-phase project of Tianjin Metro Line 11, with a total investment of 25.602 billion yuan, will become a "big artery" connecting the east and west of Tianjin after opening in 2023, effectively supporting the overall development strategy of the central urban area, and contributing to the realization of the rapid, efficient development of the central urban area and peripheral areas. Convenient connection and play an important supporting role in promoting the development of the middle reaches of the Haihe River.

In the project, Supmea's submersible level transmitter is applied to the water collection wells of the whole line to realize real-time monitoring of the liquid level of the water collection wells and solve the water level monitoring problems that plague subway line construction and future safe and stable operation. It is the first phase project of Tianjin Metro Line 11. Provide more reliable protection.

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