Sinomeasure ultra-small blind ultrasonic level meter in integrated wastewater treatment projects

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Recently, Sinomeasure ultra-small blind ultrasonic level meter was applied to a 500-ton integrated wastewater treatment project to monitor PAC and PAM dosing buckets and link PLC control for accurate dosing. This project is an important part of the urban river sewage treatment project in Hefei City.

The non-contact measurement characteristics of this ultrasonic level meter meet most of the level measurement requirements and are welcomed by many users.It solves the disadvantages of winding, clogging, leakage, media corrosion and inconvenient maintenance brought by traditional measurement methods such as pressure type, capacitor type and float type. It can be widely used in various fields related to level measurement and control.

Sinomeasure ultra-small blind ultrasonic level meter applied in the field has the characteristics of strong anti-interference, good linearity and high accuracy. With the unique small blind zone technology, the minimum blind zone of the level meter with a range of 1 meter can be controlled to 60mm, which provides the possibility of installing the product in a narrow space.

Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets.Sinomeasure has been working in the automation instrumentation industry for decades and has accumulated rich experience and complete product solutions in the field of wastewater treatment. In the future, Sinomeasure will continue to empower the wastewater treatment industry and contribute to environmental protection.