Sinomeasure---The electromagnetic flowmeter expert around you

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Recently, Sinomeasure electromagnetic flowmeter was successfully applied to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Hongken Meat Processing Co., Ltd. to help the enterprise realize the monitoring of wastewater discharge flow in the meat processing process.

Our colleagues in the after-sales service department went to the site for installation and commissioning at the request of the customer.

According to colleagues, this application is a typical PVC pipeline flow monitoring. Our customers feedback flowmeter can not be normal detection, specifically with the actual flow rate gap is large, and serious data fluctuations. After on-site investigation, it was determined to be an installation problem, and after the adjustment and grounding treatment, the flow has now returned to normal.

Hangzhou Xiaoshan Hongken Meat Processing Co., Ltd. is located in Xiaoshan Hongken Farm, only 5 km away from the Sinomeasure Xiaoshan base. Our colleagues also arrived at the site in 10 minutes after receiving the customer's demand. After completing all the commissioning, the customer said that he was very satisfied with the efficiency of Sinomeasure's service and the quality of the products, also looked forward to the cooperation in the future.