Sinomeasure will serve Lesaffre, a century-old French yeast company

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Recently, Lesaffre, the world's largest yeast company, has reached a product supply agreement with Sinomeasure. In the future, Sinomeasure will provide batches of large-diameter remote type electromagnetic flowmeters and vortex flowmeters for the Lesaffre Indonesian factory to meet the monitoring and measurement of production water and gas in the factory. This is another typical application of Sinomeasure in overseas markets after TOP GLOVE and Sonnos A.S.C.S.

Lesaffre, located in northern France, is a multinational company with a history of more than 160 years. It is the largest yeast enterprise in the world today. The company's product lines include baking and pastry yeast, bread and steamed bread improvers, etc.


The achievement of this cooperation is the result of the online and offline integration of Sinomeasure, as well as domestic and foreign linkages! "The project leader said. According to him, at the beginning of the project, Rick, a member of Sinomeasure international business, participated in the preliminary selection and communication.

"The members of Sinomeasure South China Service Center have also participated in the communication and service many times before, which left a deep impression on our partners. After using our products, they affirmed Sinomeasure quality and service system, which also made this  cooperation with Lesaffre 'just came naturally'," said Rick

At present, the electromagnetic flowmeter and vortex flowmeter of this cooperation are being produced in an orderly manner. In the near future, we will send our products to Indonesia to support customer site.