Swimming pool solution

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Swimming pool solution

As a popular sport, swimming has become the choice of more and more people, and the water quality of swimming pools has also become a concern. Traditional swimming pool water quality detection methods have disadvantages such as high cost, low efficiency, lagging risk early warning, and insufficient supervision. Therefore, it is imperative to introduce automated instruments and digital operation and maintenance to promote industry transformation.

As a major swimming province, the management measures for swimming venues in Zhejiang clearly state that operators of swimming venues should conduct daily testing of water quality in accordance with regulations, and publicize the results and time of the testing; for artificial swimming venues, they should also adopt circular purification and disinfection, and timely supplement Water quality maintenance measures such as fresh water. Those who do not meet the national health standards and requirements will be punished.

Recently, the Sinomeasure process automation instrument was applied to the swimming pool pilot project of the Zhejiang Provincial Health and Health Commission to monitor the water quality and water volume and other parameters of the swimming pool in real time, and uploaded to the Provincial Health and Health Commission through the Internet of Things module synchronously

Swimming pool solution

Cloud solution for joint testing instrument▲

The online monitoring data of the swimming pool will also be displayed on the display equipment of the swimming place. The water quality of the swimming pool is clear at a glance. Maintain swimming pool water quality.

During the progress of the project, Sinomeasure professional engineers provided professional guidance and training for the installation and commissioning of the product, effectively ensuring the smooth progress of the project as a whole. The person in charge of the project said that the project solution will be popularized and used in batches in Zhejiang Province in the future, leading the industry into the digital, informatized, and intelligent Internet of Things era.

Focusing on process automation solutions for more than ten years, Sinomeasure water quality monitoring instrument series have been widely used in swimming pools, secondary water supply, sewage treatment and other working conditions, providing customers with one-stop solutions.